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  • NuPOE-32EL


PoE Test Chassis - 16 slot Requires test modules

NuPOE-32EL is a test chassis with power load modules that act as PD (powered device) of PoE (power over Ethernet). It can support up to 16 modules (for power that is less then 20 Watt) per chassis and they are able to be cascaded as a chain with more test modules for more DUT.

  • Features
  • Alternative A and /or B wiring supported.
  • Complete steps of PoE Verification Procedure
  • Emulate PD Connect, Disconnect, Overload, Short Circuit and Dynamic Loading tests.
  • Great loading capacity for each port.
  • IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at compliant.
  • LED on panel displays chassis ID and temperature.
  • Load operation in constant power mode.
  • Specialized equipment for production testing of PSE switch device.
  • Support for all 5 PD classes (0~4) of power level.
  • Support multiple chassis cascade.
  • Support up to 20, 35, 45, 65 Watt for short-term overload tests.
  • Applications
  • Basic function tests for PSE switch
  • PSE switch manufacturing test