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  • NuTAP-L21G


Xtramus NuTAP-L series is the high-level product which has port aggregation function at present Network monitor market. NuTAP-L series, the high level segment and rackmount form factor of NuTAP series, is the first network surveillance equipment that supports Gigabit Ethernet after NuTAP. Its surveillance network port which has 2 or 4 UTP interfaces can support wirespeed forwarding of Gigabit Ethernet at the same time, and Packet Re-direction functions.

  • Features
  • Active TAP based on monitor -and-forward architecture
  • Design of web-based management interface makes the active friendly.
  • Loopback test function test the transmission and route problem of network.
  • Optional Redundant power (DC 48V power input module).
  • Provides the Statistic Counter: Rx Frame, Tx Frame, Collision, CRC Error, Alignment Error, Dribble Error, Oversize, Undersize, Broadcast, Multicast, Packet size (64~1518), Pause, 256 streams VLAN, Frame Rate and other RMON counters.
  • Real-time LED indicator of traffic events and monitoring.
  • Redirect packet in Aggregation or Segregation mode.
  • Support PoE Link automatically.
  • Applications
  • Traffic monitoring and analysis for networking device developers and/or operators.