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  • NuDOG-101 (10/100 Base-T)

NuDOG-101 (10/100 Base-T)

Two port 10/100 Mbps tester for multi stream generation

NuDOG-101 is a handheld device with two 10/100Mbps ports for Ethernet testing. The main functions of NuDOG-101 include multi-streams generation, TAP/Loopback test, and NIC emulation.

  • Features
  • Bi-directional Symmetric and Asymmetric wirespeed test.
  • Hardware based wirespeed streams generation, analysis, network TAP and NIC
  • High performance without high price
  • High precision performance for measuring throughput, latency, packet loss and disordered sequence
  • Injecting errors in transmitted traffic to simulate and test abnormal situations
  • Real-time statistics for each port, including transmitted/received frame for VLAN, IPv4, IPv4 fragment, IPv4 extension , ICMP, ARP, total bytes/packets, CRC, IPCS error and over-and-under size frames
  • RFC 2544 test suite
  • RFC 2889 test suite
  • User-friendly interface that supports various parameter configurations and meets various test requirements
  • Wirespeed traffic capturing with programmable filter and trigger criteria
  • Specifications
Dimension : 176 mm X 86 mm X 32.6 mm
Humidity: Operating: 0% ~ 85% RH
Storage: 0% ~ 85% RH
Interface: Connect to DUT: 10/100Mbps UTP port x 2
Connect to PC:Mini-USB 2.0 to PC x 1
New weight: Approx. Approx. 530g
Power source: Built-in button battery to keep date and time
External Power Adapter - Input: AC 100 V ~ 240 V, 50 Hz ~ 60 Hz Output DC 12 V
Temperature: Operating: 0°C~ 40°C (32°F~ 104°F)
Storage: 0°C~ 50°C (32°F~ 122°F)
Test modes: Auto Test (AT): Includes Router Test and Switch Test. User-defined or pre-defined Excess/Loss tolerance to identify Pass/Fail result of Auto Test

  • Applications
  • Functional validation of network product
  • Production and quality assurance/ quality control tests during manufacturing process
  • Troubleshooting at service/ maintenance outlets
NuDOG-101 (10/100 Base-T)-diagram
NuDOG-101 (10/100 Base-T)-diagram