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Vacuum Interrupters
Meidensha Corporation has been manufacturing wide range of high quality vacuum interrupters for medium and high voltage switchgear applications since 1970's. Outstanding vacuum interrupter manufacturing techniques used by Meidensha result in the highest quality and the largest voltage range of vacuum interrupters available today.

Development of proprietary materials, innovative contact designs and new manufacturing techniques have enabled us to continuously reduce the size of vacuum interrupters to facilitate smaller and more efficient product designs.

Our vacuum interrupters are available in several designs and for multitude of switching applications.

We offer compliance to ANSI, IEC, GB and JIS standards.

Main features

  1. High quality vacuum interrupter design
  2. Long life
  3. Simplified arc quenching method
  4. Robust compact construction
  5. No evacuation tube
  6. Slim body design
  7. High reliability

Major applications

  1. Vacuum interrupters for circuit breakers
  2. Vacuum interrupters for switches
  3. Vacuum interrupters for contactors
  4. Vacuum interrupters rail circuit breakers
  5. Vacuum interrupter for reclosers
  6. Vacuum interrupters for capacitor bank switching