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Network testing

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IP packet generators

The IP Packet Generator tool allows one to construct a TCP, UDP, ICMP packet and send one or more packets to a target IP address to measure, stress and control networks and devices.

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IP impairment simulators

NetDisturb is an IP network emulator software that can generate impairments over IP networks (IPv4 and IPv6) such as: latency, delay, jitter, bandwidth limitation, loss, duplication and modification of the packets.

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GPS synchronization/timing

We offer high precision GPS synchronization solutions, GPS timing solutions and computer time synchronization devices. Suitable for networks or individual workstations or machines, our GPS timing solutions, computer time synchronization devices and GPS synchronization solutions can be run on Windows, Unix or Linux platforms, delivering synchronization and reliable, accurate time stamping essential for fields such as security, broadcasting network synchronization and legal services.

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