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1 Network and 2 Monitor UTP Ports Gigabit Ethernet Wirespeed Management Network TAP


Xtramus NuTAP-L series is the high-level product which has port aggregation function at present Network monitor market. NuTAP-L series, the high level segment and rackmount form factor of NuTAP series, is the first network surveillance equipment that supports Gigabit Ethernet after NuTAP. Its surveillance network port which has 2 or 4 UTP interfaces can support wirespeed forwarding of Gigabit Ethernet at the same time, and Packet Re-direction functions.

NuTAP-L12G support aggregation mode and segregation mode that can redirect the target packet. The up to 60 sets of event counters on each surveillance line can provide as important data for network statistics, error detecting, analysis, monitoring and so on.

NuTAP-L series support the operating mode of 10/100/1000Mbps with UTP interface. The relay function links TAP ports directly to insure there is not network interruption when power failure happens. With the Redundant backup power system, we can assure you the best network connection. It will be a trustworthy network tap for UTP network.

NuTAP Rackmount Series Comparison Table

System features

  • Active TAP based on monitor -and-forward architecture
  • Real-time LED indicator of traffic events and monitoring.
  • Redirect packet in Aggregation or Segregation mode.
  • Design of web-based management interface makes the active friendly.
  • Provides the Statistic Counter: Rx Frame, Tx Frame, Collision, CRC Error, Alignment Error, Dribble Error, Oversize, Undersize, Broadcast, Multicast, Packet size (64~1518), Pause, 256 streams VLAN, Frame Rate and other RMON counters.
  • Optional Redundant power (DC 48V power input module).
  • Support PoE Link automatically.
  • Loopback test function test the transmission and route problem of network.


  • Traffic monitoring and analysis for networking device developers and/or operators.

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