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NuTAP-303 (10/100/1000 Base-T)

2 Network and 1 Monitor Combo (UTP/SFP) Ports Gigabit Ethernet Wirespeed Active Network TAP with Redirect Filter


NuTAP-303 is portable network TAP equipment that can monitor and redirect any data streams that flow through this equipment. Network TAP is a method for monitoring dynamic situation of network without intruding it.

Non-intrusive to the network segment being monitored; NuTAP-303 provides access to all network traffic with full duplex link from both sides. Allows network monitoring or analysis tools to be dynamically inserted into the network segment without causing any disruption to the link.

NuTAP-303 can work with professional analyzers from Xtramus, or third party LAN and security analyzers. Together, they provide an effective way for probing or analyzing full-duplex traffic on single or multiple network links that cannot be achieved by using traditional methods such as Hub, Port Spanning / Mirroring.

Active TAP is the smart technology that is adopted to this advanced device. Traditionally, to monitor a network such as 1000 Mbps speed connection, it needs to consume lots of resource on the PC to monitor the network; however, most of the traffic is normal without alert. Active TAP can redirect network traffic that is triggered by specified criteria or a range of criteria that are customized by user. Only when the data fits the criteria will it be sent to the monitor port. It greatly reduces the burden of the PC to monitor the network.

NuTAP-303 provides the operating mode of gigabit speed that can forward any data that pass through this machine in wirespeed, including any errors that normally are discarded by general network device, and also redirects them to monitor port for analysis purpose. We can assure you the best network connection and it will be a trustworthy network tap device for your network.

Network TAP by NuTAP-303

System features

  • Active TAP based on store-and-forward architecture, and built-in buffer reduces possibility of forwarding packets loss.
  • Filter and redirect TAP streams to monitor port by SDFR technique which can ease the loading of monitor PC.
  • Network ports:
    • 1 pair of Ethernet Gigabit combo (UTP/SFP) bi-directional network ports
    • Auto network sensing (UTP or SFP) and auto negotiating of speed and duplex mode
  • Monitoring port:
    • One 10/100/1000 Mbps UTP Ethernet port
    • Support 1000 Mbps full duplex and 10/100 Mbps half/full duplex mode
    • Auto negotiation and auto correction of twisted-pair polarity
  • On-panel LCD display shows important network status.
  • System control and Firmware/FPGA upgrade via USB.
  • Statistic Counter: Packet Count, Packet Rate, Bytes, Bytes Rate, Line Rate, Utilization, Collision, Error Packets, Oversize, Undersize, Packet size (64~1518), Broadcast, Multicast, Pause, VLAN, IPv4, Frame Gap and other RMON counters.
  • Interframe gap counters to reveal status of real-time wirespeed transmission.


  • Traffic monitoring and analysis by networking device developers and/or network operators

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