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NuStreams-5G (10/100/1000 Base-T) – Gigabit Network Switch Tester

5 Ports Gigabit Ethernet Switch Tester


NuStreams-5G is a five-port Gigabit switch tester dedicated to test switches. Not merely a stand-alone Gigabit switch tester, NuStreams-5G can also be connected to PC for accessing its simple and easy-to-use configuration utility.

NuStreams-5G provides 3 RUNs; each contains 5 tasks. Their functions including simultaneously testing 10M/Full and Half, 100M/Full and Half, and 1000M/Full with a single button. This innovative design greatly reduces the time consumed when performing product tests.

NuStreams-5G comes with an assistant extension keypad, NuPAD, which is especially made for operator at mass production line. By this convenient control keypad, operator can operate the test procedure easily without touching configuration buttons on the panel of NuStreams-5G. Configuration for specific requirement of your products can be done via GUI utility software that makes detailed configuration other then pre-defined parameters available.

Connection to Test 5 Ports Gigabit Switch

System features

  • Multi-functional tester for entry to medium level network switch in mass production line
  • Built-in memory for storing configurations and testing logs
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet switch test compatible
  • Test function of Ethernet switch by built-in configurable Auto Test
  • Optional extension keypad, NuPAD with easy and fast operation buttons for operator at mass production line
  • Backlight LCD on top panel for viewing ongoing task, testing log and configuration
  • On panel buttons for configuration and operation
  • GUI Utility that is running on PC for detailed configuration and download of testing logs
  • Network expertise is not required for setup and configuration
  • High test productivity in mass production line


  • Production and quality assurance/ quality control tests during network product manufacturing process
  • Performance validation of network product
  • Troubleshooting at service/ maintenance outlets

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