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NuStreams-904 (10/100/1000 Base-T)

      4 Ports Gigabit Ethernet Burn-in Tester<br/>


For the burn-in test request, Xtramus recommend NuStreams-904 for user. It is a competitively low-priced, simple yet specialized burn-in tester. It is capable of enduring high temperature in long period of time. Network Utilization could be easily defined via rotary switch. It also provides LEDs for instantly checking all real-time activities. Equipped with fans, heat sinks and industrialized standard components, NuStreams-904 is an ideal tool for burn-in testing in burn-in room.

By this NuStreams-904, new product in lab can have fully and enduring test either in time or in temperature to make sure it reach the requirement beyond MTBF specification. It prolongs the lifetime of product with better design and also reduces the RMA frequency.

NuStreams-904 send general test packets to DUT (device under test) for testing. Frequently Ethernet transmission error such as CRC error, packet lost, data integrity error by 2nd level CRC check…etc. can be found from LED indicator by the built in analyzer in the NuStreams-904 when the test packets are back to the NuStreams-904. Without extra device such as PC, operator can view the result by the LED status at front panel immediately. Errors of DUT are known instantly and it is an easy and simple solution for both Lab test and operator at production line.

NuStreams-904 Test Procedure For Ethernet Switch Test in Burn-in Room

System features

  • Standalone tester for testing on Ethernet network or Ethernet Switch.
  • Two pairs (A0, A1 / B0, B1) of Gigabit Ethernet ports for equipment test
  • Functional DIP and rotary switches is built on the control panel of this machine. Use extra device (such as PC) to configure it is not required.
  • MAC address for this machine is changeable by rotary switches. Each port has its unique MAC address for test purpose.
  • MAC address that is used currently is shown on the scale of rotary switch and the LCD on the front panel.
  • Long life and changeable FAN module with lifetime LED indicator to insure no hardware failure during testing.
  • Duplicate FAN design to endure long time testing without error even when one of them is fail.
  • The loop combinations of two sets (A0, A1 / B0, B1) ports for test are changeable by the DIP switch at top panel.
  • Current temperature of this machine is shown on the front LCD panel to prevent overheat for both this machine and DUT (device under test).
  • When learning packet (MAC address for other device to know) is send, test starts immediately, or delays for a while from 1 to 15 seconds by rotary switch. It is quite useful for test in small scope or large scale of network chain with possible packet delay.
  • There are analyzer for four kinds of errors, CRC error, Data integrity error by 2nd level CRC check, Packet Loss and Fail result.
  • Measurement of Packet Loss allowed is adjustable by rotary switch.
  • The Utilization of data flow is adjustable by rotary switch. When it works with Pack Lost Tolerance rotary switch, operators can configure their own plan of packet loss tolerance for different kinds of traffic flow.


  • Gigabit Ethernet burn-in tester for Ethernet Switch
  • Packet generator tester of DUT/NUT (device/network under test)
  • Network tester for mass production products
  • Network Planning/Evaluation
  • Network Performance Testing
  • Troubleshooting/ Debugging
  • Traffic/ Protocol Simulation

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