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NuBAR-1000 (10/100/1000 Base-T)

      Compact Size Wirespeed Gigabit Ethernet Tester<br/>


NuBAR-1000 is an ideal Ethernet tester for testing and troubleshooting potential problems of data transmission and bandwidth in the field. NuBAR-1000 works by pair with roles of Lord and Servant. Without extra standby personnel at the other test site, two NuBAR-1000 negotiate with each other automatically, start bi-directional symmetric / asymmetric wirespeed transmission, synchronize the test result and store result at Lord NuBAR-1000.

For the network cabling of a new building or office, it is often done by third party contractor. The technical personnel may not care about the real throughput and most of contractor only do the simple test by network cable tester to make sure that cable are well arranged and connected. However, problems always happen when the MIS start to deploy the network equipment inside the office. They may find that the cables are either unable to reach the Wirespeed transmission or lots of error packets are received during data transmission.

For installation of asymmetric transmission network such as ADSL that downstream speed is much faster than upstream speed, it is difficult to test the network by general loopback method that data transmission speeds between two sides must be the same. Unique Asymmetric Loop Test of NuBAR-1000 is able to do customized speeds asymmetric transmission test that can verify the transmission quality of ADSL for ISP or Telecom Company.

With this affordable price and excellent functions for network probe and test on-site, NuBAR-1000 is comprehensive solution for data transmission test in cable wiring phase or troubleshooting phase in the field.

NuBAR-1000 and associated test functions are also available for ODM cases base on tenders, custom testing requirements, or hardware platform of portable gigabit Ethernet tester.

NuBAR-1000 Symmetric/Asymmetric Test Test ADSL by NuBAR-1000

System features

  • 10/ 100 Mbps full / half and 1000 Mbps full duplex Ethernet test equipment with wirespeed packets generator and counter for analysis.
  • User friendly operation interface
    • Operation Buttons and configuration rotary switches on control panel for all kinds of operation
    • Printed Label on the side body for instruction of all function modes
    • 10 pre-defined and 5 user-defined function modes
    • Operable alone or by pair without PC
    • Powerful software application for advanced configuration/operation via USB cable
    14 real-time on-panel LED indicators to show test status and errors
  • Real-time Configuration and counter via control from mini-USB port.
  • Built-in multiple counters can be displayed by PC in real-time or saved in built-in flash.
  • Power consumption is less than 3 W, powered by built-in NI-MH battery, or USB cable via PC or external adapter.


  • Network Detecting in Research and Development
  • On-site test / repair / maintenance of network in telecommunication and cable wiring business
  • Network wiring task and trouble-shooting in office or building
  • Asymmetric transmission test such as ADSL
  • Solution of Last-mile test between CO (central office) and CPE (customer premises equipment)
  • Integrated test solution for customized proposal.

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