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LB-200 (10/100 Base-T)

      Portable 2 ports network throughput and latency measurement device for Loopback and End to End Network.<br/>


LB-200 is a smart companion of NuDOG. There are two application modes that make on-site network test easy and efficient. One is loopback test and another is asymmetric network transmission test. Common evaluation methodology such as Throughput and Latency test are applied for the test by attached software, NuDOG-2544 and NuDOG device.

For fixed network provider, Telecom and ISP Company, LB-200 that works with NuDOG is suitable to test the throughput and latency performance of leased line or ADSL. Both LB-200 and NuDOG act as packet generator that is located at CO and CPE side for packets transmission and receiving.

The distance and cable quality is the key factor that affects the transmission bandwidth of ADSL and leased line. The bandwidth is not guaranteed even though the bandwidth allowed is configured at central office. By a pair of LB-200 and NuDOG, technical personnel can test and realize the maximum downstream and upstream bandwidth available of the transmission media, such as ADSL by telephone line or wireless transmission for public service. The solution can verify if the transmission bandwidth meets the requirement that customer applied, or realize the maximum available bandwidth of the leased line or ADSL network if bandwidth from central office is unlimited.

LB-200 test 1 LB-200 test 2

System features

  • Support Round Trip (loopback) and End-to-End (bi-directional symmetric/asymmetric) test mode when LB-200 works with NuDOG
  • As a loopback client that returns incoming test streams for loopback (round trip) test
  • As a packet generator for bi-directional symmetric/asymmetric (end to end) network test
  • Software utility NuDOG-2544 of NuDOG can remote control the test for both NuDOG and remote LB-200
  • Test loopback, throughput and latency function by single network route to remote site.
  • Handheld device with external and replaceable battery pack that is convenient for on-site network test.
  • Distinctive LED indicators are able to pinpoint the status of current running network.
  • Real-time LED indicator of network speed, duplex mode, loopback / PG mode, packet length, common errors (CRC, Loss), utilization and elapsed test time in LED digit display.


  • Network bandwidth assurance and verification for ADSL or leased line
  • Bandwidth test and verification for connection between different locations of office or building
  • Throughput and Latency test of point to point wireless transmission for public service
  • Solution of Last-mile test between CO (central office) and CPE (customer premises equipment).

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