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XM-RM671 - standard

4 POF Ports 100 Mbps Rapid-Matrix Ethernet Module


XM-RM671 is 4 Ports 100 Mbps POF Ethernet Test Module with high test quality and reliable test result. POF interface is an inexpensive solution when it compare with glass fiber that has expensive total cost. The distance for transmission is up to 100 meter with no generation of electromagnetic radiation and also free of electromagnetic interference, crosstalk and noise. Request of high-speed and low cost home networking is possible by POF.

XM-RM series is divided into Standard and Professional types. The advantage of Standard XM-RM series is that there are more test ports on each module. The cost per test port is lower for mass production test of DUT. Standard XM-RM series provide the same features as professional XM-RM series with less capacity; however, they provide reliable test result for test of DUT at mass product line.

Rapid-Matrix is a technique that can generate multi-streams traffic simultaneously with different kinds of frames/packets with almost any required protocol headers, tags and payload for each port, which is quite helpful for mass production test.

Unlike traditional test procedure at other test equipment, NuStreams-2000i and NuStreams-600i chassis with XM-RM series module cards are able to perform global command that actives multi-task tests to DUTs simultaneously. This mechanism synchronizes the test procedure to all devices under test; hence, the test duration of multi-task tests for all DUTs is reduced dramatically.

The SDFR (self-discover filtering rules) technique is able to capture packets by different criteria in either a unique value or a range of values by user-friendly UI, such as a MAC address or MAC addresses in specified range, and also shows the statistics in real-time.

Along with the advanced technology above, Xtramus provides several software applications such as NuWIN-RM, APMPT-4 and other ongoing software for XM-RM series that can test the network equipment in conformance, performance and stress purpose.

Test DUT by NuStreams Chassis and Module Cards

System features

  • Test module for 100Mbps Fast Ethernet equipment with POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) connection.
  • 4 POF ports per module and they are expandable with more module in the same chassis.
  • Standard type modules with lower cost per port for mass production test of DUT.
  • Rapid-Matrix function that can generate multi-stream traffic simultaneously per port for the test that is similar to real network condition.
    • Statistics analysis counters for received multi-stream traffic.
    • Xtramus's proprietary embedded tag, X-TAG for sequence check and latency measurement of packets per stream in Rapid-Matrix.
    SDFR (Self-Discover Filtering Rules) technique that criteria for filter and capture can be input directly without calculating mask.
  • Wirespeed generation and analysis of Layer 2-3 packets in Fast Ethernet
  • Generation and response to ARP and Ping for layer 3 testing
  • Flexible Frame size from undersize to oversize frame can be generated and tested for different kinds of DUT
  • Flexible contents (data) and length for the generation of packet payload.
  • Fully RMON counter and VLAN counter for analysis of test result after receiving of generated packets.
  • Verify oscillator's speed rate of DUT


  • Test module for Fast Ethernet POF device.
  • Test module for quality control of network device in mass production line.
  • Test module for new design network product in R and D laboratory that need report of precise statistics and result.
  • Apply to Telecommunication room, R and D laboratory, Data center, etc

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