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XM-28L1 - L version

1 XFP Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Test Module


XM-28L1 is 1 x 10 Gbps port with XFP connector for triggering external devices. Optimized testing include Validate the functionality and performance of network and networking devices at various speed and load conditions etc.

System features

  • Interface types: 1 x 10Gbps port with XFP connector
  • Traffic generation capabilities:
    • Wirespeed generation and analysis of layer 2 ~ 3 packets
    • Single / Burst / Multi-burst / Continuous packet generation
    • Frame Length (w/o VLAN Tag): 44 to 16388 bytes
    • Varies multiple address fields to create millions of unique flow
    • Random IFG generation support
    • 802.3x flow control
    • Independent operation in each module
    • X-Trailer® for data integrity verification and sequence checking
    Generation and response to ARP and Ping for layer 3 testing
  • Extensive statistics
    • Real-time 64 bits counters that provide detailed statistics about every aspect of the packets being transmitted / received
    • Automatic generation of test results in tabular formats within the NuStreams® software suites
    Professional software support for interactive and/or automated tests


  • NuLite-WIN (for interactive functional testing)
  • APMPT (all purpose L2 mass production test program)
  • APMPT3 (all purpose L2, L3 mass production test program)
  • NuAPI (Application Programming Interface) for C, C++ and TCL/TK

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