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XM-RM891 - standard

1 XFP Fiber Ports Rapid-Matrix 10Gbps Ethernet Test Module


XM-RM891 is 1 Port 10Gbps XFP Ethernet standard Test Module with high test quality and reliable test result. It can generate 64 sets of Rapid-Matrix stream traffic simultaneously per port for the test that is similar to real network condition.

Rapid-Matrix is a technique that can generate multi-streams traffic simultaneously with different kinds of frames/packets with almost any required protocol headers, tags and payload for each port, which is quite helpful for mass production test.

Unlike traditional test procedure at other test equipment, NuStreams-2000i and NuStreams-600i chassis with XM-RM series module cards are able to perform global command that actives multi-task tests to DUTs simultaneously. This mechanism synchronizes the test procedure to all devices under test; hence, the test duration of multi-task tests for all DUTs is reduced dramatically.

The SDFR (self-discover filtering rules) technique is able to capture packets by different criteria in either a unique value or a range of values by user-friendly UI, such as a MAC address or MAC addresses in specified range, and also shows the statistics in real-time.

Along with the advanced technology above, Xtramus provides several software applications such as NuWIN-RM, APMPT-4, and other ongoing software for XM-RM series that can test the network equipment in conformance, performance and stress purpose.

Test DUT by NuStreams Chassis and Module Cards

System features

  • Test module for 10 Gigabit Ethernet equipment with fiber connection.
  • 1 XFP fiber port per module and they are expandable with more module in the same chassis.
  • Rapid-Matrix function that can generate multi-stream traffic simultaneously per port for the test that is similar to real network condition.
    • Statistics analysis counters for received multi-stream traffic.
    • Xtramus's proprietary embedded tag, X-TAG for sequence check and latency measurement of packets per stream in Rapid-Matrix.
    SDFR (Self-Discover Filtering Rules) technique that criteria for filter can be input directly without calculating mask.
  • Wirespeed generation and analysis of Layer 2-3 packets in 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Generation and response to ARP and Ping for layer 3 testing
  • Flexible Frame size from undersize to oversize frame can be generated and tested for different kinds of DUT
  • Flexible contents (data) and length for the generation of packet payload.
  • Fully RMON counter and VLAN counter for analysis of test result after receiving of generated packets.
  • Verify oscillator's speed rate of DUT


  • Test module for 10 Gigabit Ethernet device.
  • Test module for quality control of network device in mass production line.
  • Test module for new design network product in R and D laboratory that need report of precise statistics and result.
  • Apply to Telecommunication room, R and D laboratory, Data center, etc.

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