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NuStreams-P9M (10/100 Base-T) - Network Switch Tester

8 LAN 1 WAN Ports 10/100 Mbps Network Switch and Residential Gateway Tester


NuStreams-P9M is a standalone tester for testing residential gateway (IP sharing devices) with 8 LAN and 1 WAN at wirespeed. The compact and lightweight design and built-in tests make it an ideal solution for production test on production line and for analysis and troubleshooting at service centers or maintenance outlets as well.

NuStreams-P9M provide Auto-Test for switch and router test. For Auto test, there are several configurable pre-defined tasks that can test the DUT. Fail/Pass LED indicator shows the result of the test. User can change the configuration parameters by different combinations of utilization/packet loss tolerance to fit the test requirements of the DUT.

NuStreams-P9M comes with an assistant extension keypad, NuPAD, which is especially made for operator at mass production line. By this convenient control keypad, operator can operate the test procedure easily without touching configuration buttons on the panel of NuStreams-P9M. Configuration for specific requirement of your products can be done via GUI utility software that makes detailed configuration other then pre-defined parameters available.

NuStreams-P9M offers highly reliable test results and the best Cost/Performance ratio among the solutions available for testing residential gateway.

NuStreams-P9M Switch Test NuStreams-P9M Router Test

System features

  • Standalone tester for testing residential gateway (IP sharing) device with 8 LAN and 1 WAN.
  • Built-in test modes with pre-defined templates for customization:
  • Auto Test (AT): Include Router Test and Switch Test and those designed to test the DUT’s ability to switch traffic between any of the LAN/ switch port and the WAN port
  • Precise test criteria between steps on operation buttons are applicable via software utility
  • Built-in non-volatile memory for storing configurations and test logs


  • Production and quality assurance/ quality control tests during manufacturing process
  • Functional validation of network product
  • Troubleshooting at service/ maintenance outlets

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