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10GBase-T to 10GBase-LR/SR (UTP to SFP+) Converter


XG2 Series are high-performance 10G media converters for connecting different 10G devices and link. XG2 Series functions as a copper-to-fiber converter, a fiber mode converter, or a fiber repeater. Four interface of XG2 series are available, supporting RJ45 to SFP+, SFP+ to SFP+, SFP+ to XFP, and RJ45 to XFP.

All XG2 Series are equipped with real-time LED display which shows the status of each port. The built-in loopback functions provide troubleshooting ability via sending packets like BERT patterns to network equipment.

We take XG2 for instance to illustrate the application of media converters. XG2 media converter provides a bi-directionally conversion between 10GBASE-R (fiber) and 10GBASE-T (copper). If the administrator of ISP would like to deploy FTTx service from Central Office to the user’s street or large organization building by fiber. In the last mile of the connection, XG2 could convert the media type from fiber to copper wire, and then distributed to any nearby location with 10Gbps Ethernet switch, or to xDSL modem via DSLAM.

XG2 could also act as a subsidiary device perfectly for testing 10GBASE-T/ 10GBASE-R equipment by connecting NuStreams 10Gbps Ethernet fiber modules such as XM-28L1 and XM-28L1CX4.

With various interfaces, XG2 Series provide different conversions between fiber and copper wire in 10Gbps Ethernet. Refer XG2 Series specifications for more choices.

Converts 10Gbps Transmission Between UTP and SFP+ Connections XG2 Series Comparison Table

System features

  • Real-Time conversion between 10GBASE-T and 10GBASE-R
    • Interface of 10GBASE-T that based on IEEE 802.3an
    • Interface of 10GBASE-R that based on IEEE802.3ae
    Conversion of media type between fiber (SFP+, XFP) and twisted pair copper wire (RJ-45 connector)
  • Real-time LED display of running status
    • SFP+ status: Indicate the SFP+ fiber connector is connected or not.
    • LR status: Indicate the LR Transceiver or SR transceiver is plugged or not.
    • Link/Rx status: Display the Network linked/Receive status.
    • SFP+/Rx status: Display the Network linked/Receive status (For XG2-1 only)
    • Loopback status: Indicate the Loopback test status of A and B ports.
    • SYS status: Indicate system operation status.
    Console for firmware upgrade and loopback function configuration.
  • Both SFP+ and RJ-45 port can connect to other 10Gbps Ethernet switch for expansion.
  • Subsidiary device for test on 10Gbps Ethernet switch with 10GBASE-T and/or 10GBASE-R ports


  • Media Converter for network backbone.

    Connection between fiber based and copper wire based 10Gbps Ethernet equipment.

    Apply to Telecommunication room, R and D laboratory, Data center, etc.

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